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tv   Discussion on Campaign 2016  CSPAN  November 25, 2016 6:38pm-6:46pm EST

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>> i think the trend has been clearly in the wrong direction on both sides. the congress has not been assuming it's response abilities , which has forced at least this president to do more things by executive order. there is no question that they should have come together and passed immigration reform legislation. a pasta and they weren't that
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far apart and yet the president and the congress would not sit down and talk it through. so in the book i emphasize that it doesn't to change this, doesn't take but one thing, one person that is willing to be a leader and step up whether it's congressman or senator paul ryan who has the potential to do that thing is a speaker. i have a lot of faith in him or a president to say you know i've worked all the time on bills. we didn't agree philosophically. he was a character but we talk and a lot of times i did not want to talk. he called one night at 2:00 in the morning. tricia side of the bed and she picks up the phone and handed over to me and i start saying yes sir mr. president we will look into that, yes sir.
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i hung up, goodbye and handed the phone back and she said what did he want if i said i don't know. [laughter] something about central america but here's the point. we have talked all the time. we worked through all kinds of things, budget issues, tax issues, defense issues, safe drinking water, you name it. did we agree? know, and a lot of things we press each other but we communicated. that was true of reagan. when i was with them in the house for eight years we met with president reagan just about every tuesday morning that congress was in session at 9:00. sometimes it was bipartisan and sometimes it was just republicans. so this trend of not communicating is a recent phenomenon. it started developing with george w. even though he tried very hard to get immigration reform. by the way i see two mississippians, immigration is one of the big issues in this campaign.
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if we had done what we should have done in 2007 we would not be here now. immigration reform is not just about illegal immigrants, it's about legal immigrants. we have people who want to come into america that have something to offering can't get here. one time i had two doctors from canada that wanted to come to picayune mississippi. do you know where that is? and understood -- underserved medical area, two doctors highly qualified you would have thought it was trying to bring in saddam hussein. it started with bush. i sigh coming in 2006 and now this president and this congress just don't talk. the deficit worries me more than ever because now i worry about my grandchildren. it's not about me anymore or us, it's about the next generation. the congress and the president are not dealing with it. the next president all hillary would have to do if she is present to follow the role to a degree of president bill
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clinton. he did meet with us and he did talk with us or if it's trump somebody, some of us have got to reach out and say mr. president you say you are going to change washington? the first thing you need to do to change it is to begin to communicate. there are four things you need to make washington work. number one is communication. if you don't talk, ewing going to get nothing done. number two copies have to develop the chemistry. clinton made me nervous but we had a relationship. it was a chemistry that made it possible for me to turn that into action. the other thing we lost his innovation. what in the hell are we really for any more? republicans or demo rats, do we really know? do we know would either side would actually do if they are in the majority and have the white house? last but not least, i've seen
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it, leadership. one man or one woman that will face you know the slings and arrows in the vicissitudes of the media and say we are going to develop in energy policy in america. we are going to have all of the above. we are going to do it so it could change on a dime. it's going to take a person of strength because i've seen it. washington is a tough place you know. i rode the high road and i got knocked down into the valley of the best thing about the in the valley is that you learn when you get back up just how you will do things better. it can change. i don't see it right now and i don't c-net with mitch mcconnell. i don't see it with nancy pelosi i do see hope in paul ryan. i don't know what to expect from chuck schumer who will probably be the senate democratic leader.
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he is smarter then. he is every bit as partisan as harry. but there is one difference, he is transactional. he can do business. they don't say it that way new york city but they understand. there is some hope out there. leadership begins in the white house. we have got to get a different tempo coming out of that place. after the recent presidential election "the new york times" suggested six books to help understand donald trump's win.
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